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Video & Sound

Video and sound elements are used in installations and as stand alone art works. Most of the work on this site was created using Final Cut Pro, Premiere, and/or Audacity. Like my installations sound is often collected from freeware sites and sometimes recorded on site. 

Siren Song captures some of my favorite song birds in action, pairing their movements with the sounds of car horns.

Sound Slows Focus Is Impossible is a video made by filming the ground as I walked home. As the title suggests the ambient noise captured during the filming was slowed down to create the soundtrack.

Litost is a composite image derived from exporting forty-eight video stills from Sound Slows Focus Is impossible. 

u. Litost.png

Light, sound and video played important roles in the first three installation utilizing plastic bags. Recorded voices, complicated soundtracks made from collected sound, and highway noise all play a role.

Documentation of Indigo, a site-specific installation at the Hunter Museum of American Art until March of 2021. 

A Chicken in Every Pot Two Cars in Every Garage was my first stop animation video which was used in an installation of toy cars. Four Hours in the Kitchen was filmed at Devils Kitchen State Park in Illinois.

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