Indigo is a site specific installation on exhibit at the Hunter Museum of American Art as part of the Year of the Female Artist celebration.


The primary material for this installation is crowd sourced denim jeans, underscoring my practice of utilize consumable materials. Denim is perhaps the most worn material in the world. Durable, comfortable, sometimes sexy, but always casual. Denim is a symbol for many things including US history, slavery (the production of cotton and indigo dyes), Americana, the working class, innovation, gender and equality (jeans were once taboo for women and girls), and most recently ecological concerns. 

Over 67 jeans were donated which were cut, tied, measured and spooled to create 5,872 feet of denim "rope". Indigo was created and installed with the help of family, friends and students who I can't thank enough!


Indigo opened to the public for just one day before the museum closed in response the Covid19. Happily, it will still be in place when the Hunter re-opens to the public. For now I hope you will enjoy images taken during installation and a quick video or two. 

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