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Indigo Wave was created for ARTFIELDS 2021 and displayed at Trax Art Center in Lake City SC. 


The primary material for this installation is crowd sourced denim jeans, underscoring my practice of utilize consumable materials. Denim is perhaps the most worn material in the world. Durable, comfortable, sometimes sexy, but always casual. Denim is a symbol for many things including US history, slavery (the production of cotton and indigo dyes), Americana, the working class, innovation, gender and equality (jeans were once taboo for women and girls), and most recently ecological concerns. 

24 jeans were donated which were cut, tied, measured and spooled to create 3,207 feet of denim "rope". Indigo Wave was a markedly different experience from Indigo because it was created during the Covid 19 pandemic. Instead of work/dinner parties with family and friends, I tied every knot myself. Although I was very lucky to have the help of family for both installation and deinstallation. 

This installation utilized two walls. One long and one short wall. To create the form I looked at arial images of Lake Swamp, which surrounds part of Lake City. I traced one of its contours and used it as a site line along the long wall in the gallery. The short wall also utilized a contour of the swamp, although as is often the case in installation, it was distorted to fit the actual space. 

My experience at ARTFIELDS was wonderful and I would encourage everyone to make work to submit and/or go visit this great contemporary arts festival. 


Indigo Wave
Indigo Wave detail
Indigo Wave detail 5
Indigo Wave detail 1
Indigo Wave detail4
Indigo Wave detail3
Indigo Wave detail2
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