My work is a concept driven investigation of the poetic, metaphoric and sensory aspects of the relationship between man and nature.  Illusionary environments are built revering the power and spirituality of environmental forces, consumer objects are placed in the landscape and organic forms are chosen and then subverted by the materials used to build them.  Each artwork aims to seduce and captivate its viewers, and aesthetic qualities are used as a hook leading to immersion. Humor, whimsy and formal qualities are tools used to create my work. 

My background in painting and drawing continually influence my work and I find both media invaluable research tools.  However, materials and media vary with intention, each chosen for their power as signifier or illusion.  By employing sculptural elements, video, sound and digital photography in my installations I strive to create a dialogue between virtual and real experience, further accentuating the great distance between man and nature.


I hold a BFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Georgia and a MFA in 2Dimension Arts from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. I have exhibited my work in Georgia, Illinois, Alaska, Seattle, St. Louis, Chicago, Tallahassee and Chattanooga. I have been teaching college courses in Drawing, 2D Design, 3D Design, Mixed Media and Art Appreciation since 2001. 

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