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My investigation of space and formal issues has also included installations made from paint coated fishing line, poured paint mixed with raw latex and paper doll chains.


Detail of the hand painted fishing line used in the installation 4.5 miles.

4.5 miles

This installation was created with 4.5 miles of hand painted fishing line, cardboard, lattice wood, and lure weights.

4.5 miles detail

4.5 Miles utilized concentric circles, each in a different hue of blue, suspended in a room that was painted dark blue. The installation was lit only from the center.


An installation created with hand painted fishing line.

10 cm

The center circle is 10 inches in diameter, the title references the vaginal opening at birth.

25 fathoms

An installation of hand painted fishing line utilizing a wave form.

A Pound of Flesh

An installation made from raw latex, latex paint, chain and large hooks. In 2004 I surveyed friends, strangers, and psychology survey students about their own skin color. Asking each person to describe their skin color without referencing terms used to describe race or ethnicity. Terms were submitted were imaginative, often based on food, crayons, car colors, and nature. I chose terms that I felt evoked a range of hue and tone and recreated those descriptions without any additional information.

A Pound of Flesh detail

Detail of the texture created for A Pound of Flesh Installation.

Numbers, Statistics & Man

Installed in a St. Louis contemporary art space that inhabited an old jail in 2003. This site specific installation was based on incarceration rates in St. Louis, which were illustrated by paper doll chains.

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